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Welcome to Kirkby Stephen Mountain Rescue team's 'Safe in the Hills' website. Here you can learn about planning and undertaking an outing in the hills. You can also find out more about how a rescue team operates.

The website draws on the knowledge and experience of the members of this Lake District team. Mountain Rescue volunteers are passionate about the hills, fells and mountains of Britain and want everyone to be able to share in that passion.

Being safe in the hills is not about having very advanced technical skills or possessing special abilities or fitness. The thrill of reaching a peak or the pleasure of being in the wild should be available to everyone. To do it safely is just a matter of decent preparation, having appropriate clothing and equipment and generally applying common sense.

On the website you will be able to find lots of information and advice on how to enjoy a day out in the hills. Please browse through the links on the left to learn about the key elements in hill safety. You'll find ideas about how to prepare for your outing, what to take and wear and what to look out for on the day.

There is also some information about what to do if you do find yourself, or others you meet, in a situation requiring help or rescue. It is worth being familiar with the methods for calling for assistance and being aware of what the emergency services would like you to do.

Finally nothing beats practising your skills in a real environment. One of the best ways to learn is with an experienced trainer. You can do a short course on the Cumbrian fells with members of Kirkby Stephen Mountain Rescue team. What's more the small fee you pay goes to the team's funds. Find out more

There is also a huge amount of good advice and information, including some short videos to watch, on the AdventureSmartUK website.



The team typically responds to between 20 and 30 incidents a year. Callouts vary widely, from requests for help from hillwalkers and climbers, to assistance given to ambulance crews and searches for missing persons.

View the incident list for 2020

About the team

Water rescue teamThe volunteers in Kirkby Stephen Mountain Rescue Team are willing to turn out 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If you want to know more about how the team works, would like to help fundraise or support the team in some way, or perhaps train to become a full member, please visit the 'About the team' pages.

Charity number 1107194

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